One of a Kind Christmas Show

Whatever you’re up to this season, M Thompson Chocolates will help you do it in style!

Your top 10 tips for making the best Christmas desserts

(Told by members)

Make space for dessert
Charmaine H. and Alanna W. both recommended planning Christmas dessert around how much space is required in the fridge. As Alanna says, “Too many times when I plan my Christmas menu, I forget that my fridge is so over-stocked at Christmas time that my huge bowl of trifle probably isn’t going to fit.” Go for something that doesn’t need keeping cool or that takes up minimal space, I have found so many new recipes that my fridge is full, just did a dessert with Dirty Cow Chocolate and it was amazing!

Prepare in advance
Tim S. and Annie L. suggest finding a recipe that can be made beforehand. This will reduce the stress on the day.

Keep it cool
Melissa N. serves rich fruit cake or Christmas pudding with a fresh fruit salad. With our hot Australian summer, it’s best to serve cold desserts rather than warm puddings and custards.

Share the load
Carol C. shares the cooking workload with her family at Christmas time. If everyone contributes a little, the day will go much more smoothly. It’s fun working as a team too!

Remember the kids
Tracy N. gives classic frogs in a pond a festive twist by using red and green jelly stuffed with chocolate Santas. Genius!

Get ready for next year
Patricia B. makes a traditional Christmas pudding in calico cloth with fruit she has soaking in rum in the bottom of the fridge all year. She says it makes the best pudding in the world.

Save oven space
Lisa R. uses a pressure cooker to make her Christmas pudding. This is a great way to speed up the cooking process and save on much-needed oven space.

Add some grog
Renee H. says that she uses twice the amount of alcohol that the recipe asks for!

Turn it upside down
Megan W. makes a reverse pudding – ice-cream moulded to look like a traditional Christmas pud. She says it’s “great for summer”! We think this option is great for keeping the kids happy too. Try the free dairy ice cream from !!

Keep it light
Diane O. ends her festive feast on a light note by serving a sago plum pudding instead of the traditional version. What a clever way to avoid the Christmas bloat.

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