How to care for your chocolate

Most people eat their M Thompson Chocolates right away – and some want to store them for later!

So for all chocolate aficionados, we created a cheat sheet of guidelines to help you along your chocolate journey:

To store chocolate properly, keep chocolate away from: 

  • sunlight
  • moisture
  • heat
  • strong odours

To maintain freshness, keep chocolate:

  • At room temperature for 2-3 months
  • Refrigerated for up to 6 months
  • Frozen for up to 12 months

When refrigerating or freezing chocolate, the chocolate must be handled carefully. Place chocolate inside two plastic bags and seal tightly. Before serving, allow ample time to thaw.

  • From refrigerator, 2 hrs
  • From freezer, 6 hrs

Keep chocolate in plastic bags until room temperature is attained as chocolate is best experienced when eaten at room temperature.


  • Chocolates that are removed from the wrappers before the recommended time are subject to blooming.
  • Blooming occurs when condensation forms on the chocolate itself, rather than on the moisture barrier (the plastic bag or wrapper). 
  • Bloomed chocolate will have lost its shine and will be dull and whitish in appearance.
  • Bloomed chocolate is not harmful to consume, but the general texture and appearance is not as appealing.